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Civil Structural Design offers Professional Engineering Consulting services in a number of areas that include custom designed structural steel supports for proprietary industrial equipment and storage bins, concrete foundation design, steel exhaust stacks, and large ducting and duct support design to include steel tower supports.

We make on site inspections to evaluate existing structures and will put together cost effective modification options in order to adapt equipment supports to new manufacturing processes or updated standard building codes. These services are also provided to residential owners.

We provide calculations to steel detailers and fabricators verifying bolted and / or welded steel member connections. We are also familiar with NFPA and can deliver allowable internal pressure recommendations for low pressure vessels.

Designs are per IBC, AISC, ASCE, AWS, ACI, HUD and FHA as applicable. OSHA safety regulations are also verified. We use AutoCAD drawing software and RISA finite element analysis software design tools.

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In the U.S. there are many branches of Engineering. Even though the licensing tests differ, all receive the same P. E. designation.